How to Check?

The key feature of Chainsight Web3 Check API is to allow our client to check if an entity related to web3 world is fraudulent or not. An entity could be anything related to the web3, such as external owned account (EOA), smart contract, website and so on.

For example, to check if there's some fraud risks on specific address, just request the API like this:

curl --request GET \
--url '{address}' \
--header 'X-API-KEY: <<apiKey>>'

You should received response in the following format:

    "data": [
        {<found entity 1>},
        {<found entity 2>},
        {{<found entity N>}}

A list of found entities might be returned in the dataarray, this is because Chainsight consume your query input as keyword, and the keyword might be linked to multiple entities.

Most of the time, we have found that a single entity might have multiple identifier. For example, an Ethereum EOA can be represented as either 40 characters hexadecimal string format or ENS domain name format.

To let you check the entities as easily as possible, Chainsight already done the dirty task for you. Therefore, you can input a keyword as either address, domain name, and even Web2 URL, domain, IP is supported. All related entities which can be searched by the keyword will be listed in the dataarray.


API Reference

You can learn more about this GET /api/check API and give it a try HERE!